Tuesday 6.4.19


Skyline CrossFit Athlete Highlight

Alyssa Rodriguez

“I am Skyline CrossFit” athlete embodies our core values of being POSITIVE, being PATIENT, and staying HUMBLE.


Tell us a little about yourself.

 My name is Alyssa - I like coffee, red wine, and dogs.  But seriously, I’m 28 years old, born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas, and have been CrossFitting for about 8 months.  I met my husband, Christian Carrion, during my undergraduate studies in San Antonio. We fell in love, married, and moved to New York City for my graduate studies in clinical mental health counseling.  After two years of city rent and being homesick for family, we decided to move back to Texas in 2016. It wasn’t a question of where we would live – it had to be Houston.

What’s something about you that others may not know about you? Any special talents, hobbies, or interests?

I love to cook, bake, and compete with myself in the kitchen.  I’m an avid reader and have begun dabbling in creative writing.  I love spending time with my puppy and going for walks in the park.     


When did you start CrossFit? Why did you decide to join CrossFit at that time? What do you remember most about when you first started?

 I began CrossFit in September 2018.  My husband started in June of that year and wouldn’t shut-up about it at the dinner table.  I thought he had joined a cult with all the movements he described and the terminology he was using.  All summer he encouraged me to attend a WOD with him but I obstinately refused. I worried about his safety, I didn’t think I was “in shape” enough; I didn’t believe CrossFit would help with my anxiety.  In the end, he wore me down and I attended a Sunday class. I signed up for Foundations the following week. Nienke was my Foundations coach and she couldn’t have been more amazing. She was more than understanding and supportive, she was incredibly patient, positive, and fun.  I remember asking if the barbell came in a lighter weight other than 15lbs – she laughed and said, “Pickup that 15lbs barbell.”

What new belief, behaviors, or habits, adopted since you started CrossFit, have most positively impacted your life?

 “Trust the process” is a phrase I’ve heard repeatedly from our Skyline coaches and fellow athletes.  It goes hand in hand with what’s painted above the white board – “Be patient.” I’m learning to trust the process and be patient not only with learning all the CrossFit movements - (I will get that strict pull-up one day) - but in my everyday life as well.  It’s this philosophy that is helping me adapt to a brand new career field. When I start to feel overwhelmed, when I wish I were already proficient, I remember what I’m learning today will build for tomorrow. Worrying about the destination only takes away from the journey and the journey is what matters.   


What has been your most memorable workout?

 My most memorable workout occurred a month into beginning CrossFit.  It was a partner WOD for calories on the Echo bike. It was my first partner WOD and my first experience with the Echo bike - I was crushed.  My legs felt like stone, my arms were spent, and even scaling the Fitter Faster rep scheme (12-9-6) seemed impossible. Back then I saw the WOD as a defeat, my self-doubt crept in and I thought I’d never be able to overcome something that intense.  Fast-forward 8 months, sprinkle in a few of Coach Dylan’s “the bike makes you a better athlete” pep talks, and the WOD was re-programmed. This time, I didn’t let my partner down and I completed the workout at the Intermediate level (15-12-9). I count it as a W vs. self-doubt.   

Do you have a favorite quote or motto that you live by?

 My father grew up a migrant farm worker and enlisted in the Marines as a way to better his circumstance in the 70’s.  Growing up and to this day, he continues to remind me of two things from his journey: “Stay the course and keep the faith” and “If someone else can do it, you can do it too.”  When I step into the box, I’m not competing with others but I am competing with myself. I’m striving to be better than I was, to persevere when I want to quit, to conquer my insecurities and anxiety by doing that extra burpee, by implementing the pose run, by attempting those funky progressions.  I’m striving to have faith in the process.


Have you had any setbacks since starting CrossFit, what have you done to overcome them?

I guess it depends on your definition of a “setback.”  I have my struggles with self-doubt, with anxiety, with chronic migraines.  What have I done to overcome them? I don’t think I have completely overcome them, but with every challenge I take on in the box, I’m remembering to be patient and to be kind to myself.  My struggles are a part of my journey and I just keep moving forward.

What do you love most about Skyline CrossFit?

I love the positive community atmosphere.  Everyone from coaches to athletes is welcoming, supportive, and happy to see you.  No matter how seasoned the athlete, there are no judgmental egos. I love that the coaches constantly correct your form, but they do so in a very encouraging and endlessly patient manner.  I also love having the privilege to help out at the front desk Saturday mornings. (I’m the shorty walking around with an Ipad and a coffee doing head counts). I love welcoming newcomers to our gym and connecting with regulars about the WODS - and about life.  If you see me, come say hello (and check-in!)!



30 Strokes on rower for distance (meters)

Gymnastic Warmup


Dumbell Rows

Dumbell Bench Press


5 rounds for time of:

7 left-arm dumbbell rows (50/35)

7 right-arm dumbbell rows (50/35)

21 dumbbell bench presses (50/35)

500-m row


5 rounds for time of:

6 left-arm dumbbell rows (35/25)

6 right-arm dumbbell rows (35/25)

18 dumbbell bench presses (35/25)

500-m row

Fitter Faster:

5 rounds for time of:

5 left-arm dumbbell rows (25/15)

5 right-arm dumbbell rows (25/15)

15 dumbbell bench presses (25/15)

350-m row