10 days. 9lb Weight Loss. Here's How I Did It. By Ryan Kucish


I am normally not trying to lose weight because, I think a little body fat is healthy and makes me feel better since by day is very active.  So why am I trying to lose weight?  I have an Olympic Lifting Meet on Saturday and, just like boxing or mixed martial arts, there are weight classes.  I want to be in the 169lb class and I was sitting at about 180lb.  So here's I did it:

1. I changed nothing about my physical activity.  I still WOD about 4-5 days a week.

2. No Alcohol

No Sugar

No Complex Carbs (breads, pasta, potatoes, rice, oatmeal, corn, beans)

No Dairy

3. Drank only water

4. PLENTY of Meat, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds.  Little Fruit.

5. Dressings & Condiments: Italian Dressing, Butter, Mustard and Hot Sauce.  Used lots of seasoning and salt

Heres a picture of my Dinner Last Night

-Large Marinated Chicken Breast

-Half a head of Broccoli

-Half pound of Green Beens

-1/4 of onion

-1 large avacado

1 Bag of Spring mix Lettuce

-Half of Bell Pepper

-White balsamic dressing and Lime Juice


Stone Over Yoke

20min at your own pace.  Work up to heavy stone.  


10 Rds

50m Farmer Carry

1 Wall Climb Up and Over (7")