Skyline CrossFit's  goal is to become the Third Place  in our daily lives.  While incorporating the most effective and fun workout experience as possible.

Since 2011,

Skyline CrossFit has worked hard to create a fun, effective,  and inclusive fitness community. We are here to make everyone more healthy. We welcome all who will join us.

Come to a place where everyone knows your name and wants to see you succeed. Everyone who walks through our doors is accepted for who they are… and then challenged to get better, whether you're a seasoned CrossFit athlete or just getting started on your fitness journey.

POSITIVE steps forward for any of us is a step forward for the group. We celebrate all achievements. A step toward health is a step away from illness. 

We are PATIENT, knowing that progress is earned over time. We want to see constant progression toward goals, and most of all we want to see you tomorrow. 

We are all individuals and are on our own path to learn something about ourselves today- to do that we must be HUMBLE.