Skyline CrossFit Kids

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Ages 5 - 12 years old. Every Sunday at 1pm!

 Developing a positive association between fitness, physical activity, and the joy of movement is the primary goal of our programs. Our Kids classes are comprised of games, obstacle courses, relay races, basic gymnastics, stamina, endurance, and other engaging physical activities.

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CrossFit Kids for Athletes

Most sports these days are either played year around. On top of that  most practices are all skills based with no variability in movement. CrossFit Kids puts the body through  a lot of variance that not only builds strength, mobility and coordination but also uses the muscles ignored by most sports programs today. This will build a well rounded athlete and most importantly a healthy kiddo!


CrossFit Kids Certified Trainers

All coaches leading classes have had background checks and certified by CrossFit HQ in the CrossFit Kids program.