Word from Coach | Monday | 7.1.19

Word from Coach…

Okay job on the squat cycle so far, but not great.

1) Reverse Hypers are not a suggestion

2) Post on Scoreboard

3) Squat 3x a week, that is priority.

Again, your fitness may temporarily suffer and you will feel sluggish. This is okay and its a part of the process.

Important - Programming Order

1) Programming will now be completed in the order it is posted.

2) I want competitors to now complete WOD 1 with the class in its entirety.

There will be exceptions of course. A lot of the warm up and progressions are being missed out by many of you. And for all of you who already do the whole class already, I see you. ;) . Give it a week, if you have any issues or constructive advice with this please come to me.

Additional Programming

1) Introduce yourself to a new person everyday

2) Help new athletes

3) Have fun!

4) Please go into Raiders GroupMe and “like” my “Word from Coach” post, to confirm you read and understand everything above.



2 rounds for time of:

Two Handed DB Lunge 100 ft. (50/35)

100ft. Handstand walk

50 strict pull-ups

50 push-ups


Power Snatch off blocks

5x2 Above 70%

Snatch off blocks

5x2 Above 80%


Back Squat

2x5 80%

2x3 85%

3x2 90%

1x3 85%

1x5 80%

Reverse Hyper

3x15 @ 25% of BS