A Word From Coach.... | Mini Cycle 5 | Monday | 5.27.19

Happy Memorial Day! I will be out of town this weekend so the last day of Raider G.P.P Testing will be Saturday June 8th.

Purpose of Mini-Cycle #5-#7 (12-weeks)

In this cycle(s) you will be squatting 3x a week. This is going to be an aggressive squat cycle and I need you all to do the squats that are programmed. You will notice the Skillz and Drillz have slowed down and are now being combined with other WODS. With the advancement of your fitness, the needs are changing, and the programming is adapting to that. You can complete the programming in any order you want. If you are limited by time or beat up, this is the priority of programming:

  1. Squats

  2. WOD 1

  3. Skillz & Drillz

  4. BB Cycling

  5. Strength & Accessory work

  6. WOD 2

Tip of Month

Weak bodies reflect weak minds. If there’s something programmed you don’t want to do, DO THAT FIRST. Stop the Excuses. Attack your weaknesses. Create new thought patterns. Doing, not thinking, will strengthen your mental game. Be a Doer.

Skills and Drills:

Sotts Press 4x8

OH Duck Walk 4x8 Steps (f/b)


Power Snatch

5x2 Up to 80%


5x2 Up to 90%


Back Squat

3x6 75%

2x5 80%

2x5 75%



1 mile Run

100 Pullups

200 Pushups

300 Squats

1 mile Run

20# Vest Men

14# Vest Women