Monday | 4.15.19

Hey Raiders!

Just wanted to inform you that May is going to start the informal league/test month. So informal I do not have a name for it yet.

Starting @ 11am Saturday May 4th, for 4 weeks, I will be posting a “GPP Test”. Each “Test” will consist of 3 workouts: Loaded, Un-loaded and Wind. Thats all the information that I will be releasing now.

The plan is to have everyone show up smash all 3 WODS together. The class is still going to be 11a-1p so nothing changes except it will be a test in a competitive atmosphere.

Skills and Drills:

10 Dragon Flys

8 sec decent


Accumulate 1:30 min hold chin over bar


5 sets of Complex (Climbing)

1 Snatch Pull

Power Snatch




Snatch Pulls

5x2 @ 110%


For time:

Run 1 mile

Rest 2 minutes

15 Squat clean (135/95)

15 Box jump (24/20)

30 Walking lunge steps with plate held overhead (45/25)

15 Box jump (24/20)

15 Squat clean (135/95)

Rest 2 minutes

Run 1 mile