1.26.2019 | A Word from Coach....

Just want to say, I am really happy with all of you these past few weeks. Taking the initiative to sign up for comps, posting your scores, representing with class at Granite Games and helping each other decipher my programming ;). Also we had a lot of people fill in spots for the coaches when I left. You can also be a paid fill-in coach with a L-1 Cert. If interested in obtaining that and/or being a fill in coach please get with me.


This is the last week of this cycle and max lifts will be on Saturday. Which will lead us into our next cycle : 3 weeks on / 1 week off for 6 months. Meaning every three weeks we will be training some type of goal for that mini cycle. I.E. Ring MU on the Skills & Drills, Pulling from blocks for the Snatch, Turkish Getup for Accessory Strength, Intervals on the Rower, Etc. Also each week you will do, at minimum, one maximal lift every week . This will most likely be done on Saturdays and will be based around the Classic Lifts ( Snatch and/CJ) or a CrossFit-esque variation (Thruster, Push Press, etc).

Just keep in mind this last year was really focused on making your form better in the Classic Lifts through technique and strength. Now I feel more comfortable with you all knowing whats expected and you can execute correctly at maximal loads. Most importantly you all have basic understanding of why a lift was successful or why is was not. Coming up I want you to keep in mind that these mini cycles can be brutal, both physically and mentally. Just remember that every 4th week is a De-load and modify accordingly.

-Other Stuff-

Cannot stress enough how much you all impact this gym. Recently it has been very positive and I want to keep it that way. Things like going up to new members and introducing yourself. I know most of you are part of the Socially Awkward Lifting Club, but this small thing makes a HUGE impact. It is not a request but a requirement. With that said… Comp Room Rules & Raider Manifesto coming soon! Comp Room Rules will be 10 rules for safety of athletes and basic comp room etiquette. The Raider Manifesto will be guidelines for competitors and the expectations that come along with it. Any ideas please send them to my suggestion box. 5172024932. Seriously I want your input. Here’s one from Raider Manifesto :

Rule # TBD

Be Positive.

Attitude. Thoughts. Speech.






60% 1x1, 70% 1x1,75% 1x1, 80% 1x1, 85% 1x1, 90% 1x1, 95% 1x1


60% 1x1, 70% 1x1,75% 1x1, 80% 1x1, 85% 1x1, 90% 1x1, 95% 1x1


2019 Fittest Experience Qualifier