This last cycle I feel I learned a lot about each athlete and I hope you learned something about yourselves.  There was a lot of positives and also a lot of oppurtunity for growth.  If you feel you need extra attention outside of normal class please let me know and we can go over some options.  Please read everything below.   

Now we start our new cycle heres some tips to help along the way.  

1. Max for the Day: This is where you go as heavy as possible on that lift.  Keep in mind it is unlikely you will hit a new 1rm every week.  So to keep the stimulus, once warmed up you should not spend more that 30min on a lift.  After 90% no more that 3 misses. 

2. Majority of BBC Percentages for the Week will be based on the Max established earlier in the week, so write them down.  

3. GHD Sit-ups are supposed to be done unbroken, scale as needed.  Perform GHD Hip Extension with a barbell/safety squat bar, so you can add wt if needed.

4. Skills and Drills are  very important.  Do them to the best of your ability.  

5.    Every 3rd week will be a mini deload.

6. Squats:  Pause Squats are to be executed with regular bar and absolutely NO BOUNCE, scale accordingly.  All Traditional Back Squats will be used with safety squat bar.

7. Reverse Hyper is not a machine that you look at.  Use it or don't compete.  

8. Mindset of Training Session: Training is to get better at our sport, NOT to win the workout of the day.  If you're deficient at a movement, get better at it.  Perfect practice make perfect.  If you suck at rope climbs, climb a rope perfectly.  If you suck at intensity go lighter and faster on WODs.  If you are not strong, do not skip max lift and squat days.  If you suck at gymnastics you should be the first one to do the skills and drills.  Ask yourself everyday "Am I doing everything I can today to accomplish my goal?".  

9. Be Positive: If its not positive don't think or say it. Be Patient: Fitness takes time, its a constant grind, day in and day out.  Stay Humble: Ego is the enemy,  its for the birds.

Skills and Drills:


10 Narrow Push Ups

10 Strict Dips

10 Hollow Rocks



Est Max for day



Pause Back Squat (No Bounce)

6x4 @ 65%

Reverse Hyper



Clean & Jerk 15-12-9 reps.

Go for PR on this today! The rules

that you don’t put the bar down

throughout the set. You can rest

overhead, at rack, or hang – touch

and go at the floor only. Rest as

needed between sets. Use /same

weight for all three sets.