18.2 Raider Strategy Guide


Just remember you are only half way once you get to round 8.  You should know how to pace these movement early on so you don't pull a Ryan(Pick one) halfway through.   

DB Squat

So unlike a barbell the DB puts the weight more forward. This makes the squat heavily quad dominant.  Some athletes may want to rest the end of the db on shoulders to put the weight more over centerline. 


Find the right groove for you and stick with it. The closer you get the feet to the hands, the less quad is being used.


Always start with a "gimme" weight.  Something that you could hit with the flu.  This gets the CNS primed up for the heavier weight. You can also use this lift to build a good motor pattern.  Really try on over exaggerating the first lift as if it was a 1RM... It will most likely feel like one.  I'm thinking 80%-90% of 1RM is a realistic goal, depending on how much time is left.  With 4min to 4:40 left or less you can attempt 3 good lifts, 5min or more go for 4 lifts. Missing your first or second lift is detrimental, most costly mistake in this workout.


Your legs will burn during metcon then they will feel like logs during the lift.  Do you.