18.4 Strategy Guide

First off look through all standards on games site to get your self familiar with them..  

Part I - Diane


Dead lifts should  be broken up.  There is no one in the gym that should do this UB.  How to break it up is based on your pull.  Not to get too complicated, I have noticed there are two types of Dead-lifters.  

The ones who know how to engage posterior correctly, need to focus on doing 5 sets or less.  This is due to the efficiently of the stretch shortening cycle and resetting often is less efficient.  

For all others (clean pullers) 4 sets or more and maybe even singles.  Not that one is wrong or right for this workout but for this moderate weight you should know how not to redline. 

Posterior Based Lifters: Set of 21 examples : 6-5-5-5, 7-6-4-3, 10-6-5, 11-10, etc

Clean Pullers: 7x3, 10x2 +1, 21x1, etc

HSPU Pacing

This is your rest for your DL so if you can go UB do it.  Other wise break it up so you never redline.

HSPU Standard

This is different standard than last year but there are some tricks to make this easier.  IN THIS ORDER!!!

1. Dorsiflexion- While upside down, if you flex your foot downwards, as to shove the heel upward, this should do the trick. 

2. Legs together- A lot of people tend to widen there legs while kipping the HSPU.  To fight this, flex glutes and quads as if to keep towel squeezed between feet.

3. Hollow body- If the core and legs are flexed this keeps the body from going backward towards wall and keeps it going up to extension.

4. Head through-  just like a press, push press, thruster, etc. Pushing the head through the arms completes the last bit of extension

5. Narrow the hands- Everything above should do the trick, but if all else fails, bring the hands in about a half inch either way.

Part II

If you get to the 2nd rd of Dead Lifts this is the time to go.  Getting to the HS Walk will set you apart from 70-80% of the field.  There is not much coaching I can do from this point the DL are heavy AF. And the HS walk is something that must be practiced especially with the core being fried. If you have HS walks break it up into 5' sections this will make it much more digestible.  Have fun and put it all out there.

Final Advice

Practice your HSPU with someone to fix your inefficiency and make sure you can hit standard while moving smoothly.  This one will be a tough one to re do.