Friday Night Lights

CrossFit Games Open Workout 18.1  

Raider Strategy Guide

Please read and familarize with all the rules and movement standards.  I cant help you if you cant help yourself

Warm-up posted on white board.



We have done a lot of 20 min workouts in the past few monthes, so everyone should know what there long duration workout pace and threshold is.  The goal here is to figure out a pace that is managble by round three and hold on.


This is the most important part of the workout.  No effort is involved to save time, just a little awareness,  These are free seconds you can add to your workout do not waste them.  Get on the rower as fast as possible and get a breather while rowing. Transition from rower to T2B should be the longest break of the 3 and the transition from T2b to dumbbell should be 2nd longest.


We have done ME sets of these so you know what you feel like when you redline.  Dont do this! Get to the point before failure then back off.  Everyone is different but the majority of you are pretty good at these.  Set up station for singles if need be.


We have done a lot of power clean and jerk so this should be familiar.  Just stay tight and be aggressive and smooth. Would like to see these UB since its light.  So familiarize your self with transitioning hands smoothly on the way down. 


Set your rower screen where you can see 500m pace and stroke rate.  If you have been doing the rowing on thursdays you should know what your pace should be.  Again do not redline on rower.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways you can attack this workout.  This means theres also many ways you should personally find ways to game it.  Attack what you are good at and pace what your not.  Every movement, transition, and round is important.  Focus on the task at hand and not what you have left.  Find your rhythm and settle in.