Hey everyone this is Deload week.  Please do not do anything more than whats programmed.  The next 4 week cycle will be enough and we need to give the CNS proper rest time before we hit it again.  This is also a holiday week so have fun and maybe do some fitness things outside of the gym!  

       Next week we will start a new cycle Barbell and Gymnastic Cycle and we will be finishing the last 4 weeks of our strength cycle.  We will be focusing on 3 position snatch and clean and hitting the the Power Snatch, Power Clean, and Push Jerk.  Last cycle was building speed under bar now were building speed and power from the ground while maintaining position.  

With the Power Snatch and Clean This is not a “jumping jack” Power Snatch. The goal is not to pull as hard as possible and hope that your MCL doesn’t snap when you catch. The goal is to receive the bar as high as possible, but with THE EXACT SAME MECHANICS as if you were catching in a full squat. Your first missed Power Snatch of this session should be because you accidentally caught in a full squat.


1) Clean & Jerk: 5X1@80%

– rest as needed

2) Jerk from blocks: 5X1@80%

(of max from blocks) – rest as needed



Seven rounds for time of:

205 pound Clean, 3 reps

4 Ring handstand push-ups