Here we go into our next cycle.  Writing down and recording all of our times and weights will be very important for the next 6 weeks.  This is how the next 6-8 weeks will be programmed. Monday will be heavy leg day, Tuesday will be heavy upper body day.  Wednesday will be power day.  Friday will be max day and Saturdays are competition/speed day.  All of the BB Cycling AND Strength will be based off the prior weeks weights.  Also I tried very hard to make sure all of the programming fits in a 2 hour window. Please to not pick and choose what to do.  This template is based off the athlete completing all the work.  Also do the programing in the order it is written.

 This cycles BB Cycling will be all about technique.  This about good positioning in the first pull of the Snatch and Clean.  We will also be pausing in the catch of the split jerk to help build stability and correctness in foot positioning.  Pausing times and form is the most important thing in this cycles BB work.  Do not go up in weight unless form and pause times are there.  

For the strength lets try our hardest do all sets at the same weight.  We are still in the get strong time of the year so lets not burn through this part and really focus on pushing ourselves until failure. 

GST will be transiting over to CrossFit based cycling.  This cycling will start officially on next cycle but if you want to be good at the gymnastic movements in CrossFit, GST will get you there.  This is also something that should not be skipped and should have a lot of focus and emphasis on arch and hollow position.  We will be relying heavily on Kipping, Strength in Arch and Hollow, Muscle Ups Bar and Ring and HS Pushups.


Metcons: Some days we will have the same workout as class some days we won't.  Dont skip Competitors Metcon for class because it will interfere with the following days programming.  We will have a conditioning piece everyday but I will be incorporating some strength stuff in the conditioning so we can fit it all in. Next cycle will be the aerobic and anaerobic conditioning cycle.  Lets get strong for 6 more weeks! 

There are two activities that take all 10 components of fitness.  Snatch and Pole Vault.

There are two activities that take all 10 components of fitness.  Snatch and Pole Vault.



1) 4X5 T&G Power Snatches

– work to a near 5rm

rest 90 sec. between sets

2) 1XME UB T&G Power Snatches

@ 80% of heaviest completed

set of 5 from #1




Paused Front Squats

(3 count pause in bottom,

no bounce to stand)

1X3@70%, 1X3@75%

2X3@80%, 1X2@85%

based on 1rm Front Squat, rest 90 sec.




Sled Pull @ .75 BW

While carrying Dball (70/50)



5 rounds

6 Strict Pullups

4 Kipping C2B

2 Bar muscle Up