Okay so here it goes.  If you are following Skyline Competitors template here are some things to know.  Our Strength portion comes from one of the best Strength systems in the world which is the Conjugate Method.  This system has proved to be the best system to get strong overall and I have noticed has the best carry over to the sport of CrossFit.  Next the Barbell Cycling, this is something that will better you at moving large loads, quickly and efficiently.  Barbell Cycling is the most important thing you should do everyday.  You will see the most benefit in your Metcons from getting better at this.  Do not skip this and make sure you record everything!  Gymnastic Strength Training comes from US Olympic Mens Gymnastics Strength Coach and also former CrossFit HQ  Gymnastic Coach Christopher Sommer.  He breaks being a good gymnast and mover to 4 basic areas. The bridge, Hollow and Arch position, Handstands and ring work.  As you have noticed over the past weeks we have been doing all of these things religiously.  This is also something that should not be skipped.  GST should take no more than 15 min total and is a great warmup or cool down.  All the girls should never skip this portion!  Now for the bread and butter, the METCON.  This is the base of our programming and sometimes can be done with class.  Weights and standards might be different from class so always check to make sure.  Some days you will see 2 Metcons posted.  We are officially in the "Get strong and work on our weaknesses" part of our season.  With that being said do the Strength, BB Cycling and GST, then the Metcon.  As we get closer to the OPEN this will change drastically.  Metcon 2 in this part of the season is optional and should only be done if everything else has been completed. This is for the people who want more and can handle the load.  Metcon 2 is just extra work for people who want more and until November, it is optional.  I try very hard to keep this programming under 2 hours and yes be prepared for such.  We have team practices Monday 1pm, Wednesday 1pm and the mandatory practice every Saturday at 11am.  Always post to the Group Me scoreboard everyday.  This will not only hold you accountable but helps the whole team rise together.  We have a great chance at sending a team this year to Regionals.  We will send the athletes that will give us the best chance at making it to the games.  The Open and Regional will expose all weaknesses, this is the time to attack those weaknesses.  No use putting in all this work if you can't do the basic movements CrossFit requires ( example: Muscle Up).  This programing works if you work it. It is up to you to execute.  Cant wait for this season!   Please contact me with any questions. 713-206-9537


Rest or Recovery Day

40 min of ROMWOD