Details on upcoming competitive season and programing will be up tomorrow. Im excited for a new season with a bunch of new athletes. Our goal as a team is always to make 2017 Regionals and 2017 CrossFit Games.  That is our goal. Lets make it happen. Just a reminder Team practices are Monday 1pm, Wednesday 1pm and Sat at 11am.  Make these as much as possible.

Barbell Cycling:

2) EMOM for 7:00

2 T&G Power Clean & Push Jerks:

begin at 60% of 1rm PC & PJ

add weight each minute to a

near maximal double, no misses



Front Squat

5x3 heavier than last Wednesday



"The Classic"

Partner Workout

150 Push Ups

50 Hang Squat Snatch (125/75)

(Switch every 5 Snatches)

200 Double Unders

200 ft Lunge (160/110)

Stimulus:12 - 15min



Gymnastics Strength Training:

5X5 Ring Outs

3 sec pause in bottom