Every 1:30 for 9:00 (7 total sets)-

3 T&G Power Snatches – begi

around 70% of max Power Snatch

and work to a 3rm for the day


1a) Paused Front Squats

(3 count pause in bottom,

no bounce to stand) – rest 90 sec.

1X5@75%, 1x3@80%, 1X2@85%


1b) 4X60 seconds Ring Support

Holds (hold lockout at finish

position of dip, palms facing out)

– add weight if you

complete the first :60 UB,

rest 90 sec.

Running Clock

5 min EMOM

5/4 Bar Muscle Ups

rest untill 10:00

then complete the

following for time:

Row 1k

75 6″ Target Burpees

Row 1k