1) 5X1 1 Paused Clean

+ 1 Paused Hang Clean

+ 1 Paused Hang Clean from

Power Position (3 count pause at

knee for first two, then in power

position for third) – work to a

maximal complex

rest as needed


2) 5X1 Push Press

+ 2 Push Jerks + 3 Split Jerks

– work to heavy but non-maximal

complex for the day, rest as needed



1a) 4X30sec accumulate L-Sit

on rings in support, rest 90sec

1b) 4X5 Strict HSPU

+ ME UB Kipping HSPU

– after last strict rep

(without getting off wall) perform

ME UB Kipping HSPU, rest 90 sec.

Alternate Sets




20 min AMRAP

25 Squats

10 Strict pull-ups

10 Ring dips