There is no right answer or prescription. Try everything be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Most importantly do what works for you. Here is Dave Castro explaining.


Couple of things.  This is deload week.  Do not go heavier on anything!  Do exactly as it says.  If you are doing Fittest Games Qualifier do all BB Cycling, Strength, and GST, then replace Metcon with Qualifier workout.  This will be a good warmup for the workouts.


1)EMOM for 7:00-

2 T&G Power Clean & Push Jerk

@ 75% of 1rm Power Clean

and Push Jerk

2)5X3 Strict Press + 5 Push Press –

@ 75% of max for the complex,

rest 2:00



7 rounds for total working time of:

21 Double-Unders

14 Pistols (alternating)

7 OHS 135/95#

Rest 1:1