Top From L to R: Dylan Kucish, Stephen McColl, Zach Ross, Ryan Kucish  Bottom From L to R: Isabel Ross, Terri Pham, Amisha Lindsey

Top From L to R: Dylan Kucish, Stephen McColl, Zach Ross, Ryan Kucish

Bottom From L to R: Isabel Ross, Terri Pham, Amisha Lindsey


Owner Skyline CrossFit

Dylan Kucish

Started CrossFit July 2010

CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer 2018

CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer 2011

CrossFit® Kids Trainer 2018

CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified 2012

CrossFit Football Certified 2013

2014 Regional Team Competitor

Bellaire Highschool Baseball Strength & Conditioning Coach

Outlaw Competive Athlete Training Certification 2012

Official Judge 2011 CrossFit Games South Central Regional

I got into CrossFit to fill a void left by addiction and alcoholism.  CrossFit I believe saved my life.  The community that CrossFit provides is a healthy and positive environment that will only pull out the best of what I have.

I believe CrossFit is going to change the world as we see it today.  CrossFit is not only a strength and conditioning program it is health and wellness program as well.  We not only show you what your body is capable of physically but  mentally as well.  

Chronic Illness is the worlds most vexing problem.  CrossFit is a simple solution to this issue that affects everyone.

Owner Skyline CrossFit

Ryan Kucish

Started CrossFit July 2010

CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer 2011

CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified

CrossFit Football Certified

2014 South Central Regional Team Coach

2016 Individual South Regional Coach

USAW1 Certified

Bellaire Highschool Baseball Strength & Conditioning Coach


Skyline CrossFit Head Coach

Isabel Ross BSN, RN

Started CrossFit 2011

CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer 2014

CrossFit® Scaling Course Certificate

Coaching experience: 2014 - Current

Registered Nurse


 Nienke van Leusen

Started CrossFit  2017

I'm originally from Nijmegen the Netherlands and moved to Houston september 2017.


I have been into sports since I was a little child. I used to play tennis, football, swimming and field hockey throughout pre- middle- and Highschool.

I've played field hockey for about 12 years and and ended up playing 1th division and coaching youth team practice. I also incorporated strength training myself by doing bodypump next to practice and games. I started Crossfit in January 2017 with my husband because I wanted get motivated again after recovering from a burnout and depression. I have been hooked ever since and I might say Crossfit is officially my lifesaver! 

I want to be a CrossFit coach because I love to teach/instruct people and make them feel good. In the Netherlands I am a RN with a specialization degree in Tropical Medicine / travelers health. I'm still working on transferring my license to the US.

I used to teach and instruct people everyday on health and prevention. I came out to the US to do something new with my life and in coaching CrossFit I found a way to make use of my communication and people skills. Plus i just love to see people learn, make progress and have fun while guiding them through it!

My favorite part of Crossfit is the fact that it makes me overcome insecurities and feel better about myself while being supported by a great community of people.

my favorite Crossfit workouts would include deadlifts or frontsquats, and going to weightlifting class!

Terri Pham

Started CrossFit  2012

CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer 2012

CrossFit Coaching Experience:  2012 -Current

Although Terri's fitness background includes the classic globo gym routine, basketball, yoga, rock climbing, and marathon running, she has never felt as challenged as she was when she adopted the CrossFit methodology. 

In terms of nutrition, Terri has extensive experience with Ketogenic, Zone Paleo, Gluten Free, Primal, and Paleo diets since being diagnosed with a gluten allergy in 2008.

Favorite movements: Burpees, Box Jumps, and anything overhead.

Amisha Lindsey

Started CrossFit  2012

CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer 2012

CrossFit Coaching Experience:  2012 -Current

Bachelors in Kinesiology/ Minor in nutrition

Masters in Public Health

Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coaches Course

Womens Athleticism Workshop

I grew up playing sports my whole life and always being very competitive and active.  I ran track, cross country, played basketball, danced, and was a cheerleader.  After I stopped running in college I was a little lost.  Its hard to go from being a part of a team to nothing.  I kept running on my own and would  take the random rec center group class.  My Aunt and Uncle actually introduced me to crossfit when they opened a box.  I did a few classes and was hooked (along with receiving a reality check on just how fit I was not (lol)).  The feeling crossfit classes gave me was similar to how I felt playing sports. I fell in love with the camaraderie, positive atmosphere, and the ability to still be competitive.

I decided pretty fast after starting that I wanted to be a coach and help others reach their goals.  Health has always been something very important to me and I knew pretty early on that I wanted to help educate others on healthy lifestyle choices and crossfit lets me do just that.  One of my favorite things about coaching is witnessing that moment where something finally clicks with an athlete after lots of hard work.  

My favorite thing about crossfit is that anyone can do it!  My daughter, granny, games athlete and guy off the street can all do the same workout (modified appropriately) and all get just as good of a safe workout as the other. I also love that there is always something you can get better at or work on.  You don't get to a point and thats the end, you can always go heavier, faster, or more complex.  


Lad Rack

Started CrossFit  2017

CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer 2017

Sobriety WOD Trainer


I got into CrossFit when my wife and I wanted to try something different after years of yoga, running and swimming. I called a friend who is a CrossFit coach and ended up at my first CrossFit class in May of 2015 at the age of 38. I've since learned to love the intensity, gymnastics, barbells and generalized anxiety that I still experience when I'm warming up for a WOD.

I want to be a coach because I have a passion for helping people heal. CrossFit is the physical manifestation of that passion for me. 

My favorite part of CrossFit is watching work capacity increase across broad time and modal domains. Since 2015 I've watched all my 1 rep max's go up; I've completed "Murph" and most of "the girls" in respectable fashion. I am more fit and healthy at 40 than I was at 30. 

I grew up swimming, playing soccer, backpacking and snowboarding. As an adult I've explored many sports. CrossFit feels like home for me.

Kareem Frederick

Started CrossFit  2011

CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer 2013

CrossFit Mobility Certified

Played 4 yrs of Colliegate Soccer


Zach Ross

Started CrossFit  2011

CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer  2016


Tyler Domingue

Started CrossFit  2014

CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer  2016

CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer  2016

CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit Kids

USAW Sports Performance Certification

Tyler started CrossFit in early 2014. “After getting out of the Marine Corps I was looking for something to supplement my gym routines. I was drawn to the camaraderie and competitive aspect of CrossFit but soon realized there was so much more to it than that.”

The Skyline community is what sealed the deal. I am inspired by every single person in our gym, and all for different reasons. Everyone is there for their own reasons and just trying to be a better version of themselves, and for that reason, I wanted to be a part of it.

I love helping the members see both physical and mental changes and the overall confidence and physical wellness that comes with that. There is nothing greater than seeing members go beyond their perceived limits.

Tyler specializes in military and law enforcement performance fitness.

I am passionate about living a great story. I give myself a daily reminder to live with passion and live with heart as though it were my last day.

I grew up playing competitive sports. After high school I continued to play intramural sports in college. I joined the United States Marine Corps and served for 8 years until 2015, which always kept me in good shape since it was literally a part of my job.

Most recently I once swam the San Francisco Bay from Alcatraz in 2017.